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What makes X3 Anchor Stakes different?

The X3 Anchor Stake is a revolutionary ground stake design that utilizes high strength nylon resin and fiberglass to deliver the strength and hardness of metal and the flexibility of performance plastics.  The X3 was designed to be used by the US military, and it is tough enough to be used in the harshest of environments.  It's ingenious "threaded" design allows the user to pound it into the hardest of ground, yet remove it with ease. Since the head and shaft are constructed as one piece, twisting the head to remove the stake from hard ground will not cause the head to pull off, as with many aluminum stakes. On the other hand, when used in soft sandy soil, the X3 holds up to 3 times better than traditional stakes because of it's increased surface area achieved through it's unique threaded design.  The X3 actually threads into the soil as you pound it into the ground.